Morning Joe drops a Rust Belt bomb on Trump now that impeachment is a reality

"Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski kicked off Friday morning with bad news for Donald Trump about recent polling in the battleground Rust Belt states showing his re-election prospects crumbling, even if he does survive impeachment.

"You go through new Morning Consult Trump approval ratings, and it really shows how unpopular he is," host Scarborough began. "And in some of these states they show how impeachment is really either keeping him from gaining momentum with all the money he's wasting and it's not moving anything."

"Ohio, he's minus five," he explained. "Pennsylvania, minus seven, underwater. Iowa underwater, minus 13. Minnesota, underwater, minus 13. And the biggest two for last: Wisconsin, minus 14 and Michigan minus 14."

"That would explain his mood," co-host Brzezinski offered.

"It explains his mood, first of all" Scarborough concurred. "But secondly, all of these clowns that have been going around saying that impeachment's backfiring and this is hurting. No -- he can gain no momentum. He's getting absolutely slaughtered in these state polls and, again, everybody always says, you know, don't look at the national polls, the national polls don't matter; Trump can win or lose by four or five percentage points in the popular vote but he'll still win the states. We're less than a year out from the general election, he's underwater by double digits in Iowa, in Wisconsin, and in Michigan. and doing really badly in other states."

The host also noted that the president is floundering in normally reliable states such as Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona.

Watch below: