Revelation that Trump and Melania 'sleep on separate floors' sparks range of reactions
Melania and Donald Trump appear at Westminister Abbey (MSNBC/screen grab)

An unauthorized biography of Melania Trump offers insight into the very private First Lady, including that she and her husband not only sleep in separate bedrooms but on separate floors.

CNN reports "Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography," reveals that this First Lady is "way more powerful and influential with her husband than you might think," and her "relationship with Ivanka Trump isn't as chummy as it was pre-White House."

But it was this tweet from CNN's Brian Stelter that has drawn a lot of responses – some good, some bad – on social media:

Some note that there appears to be no mention of the fact that Melania Trump is (or was) a birther. She advanced her husband's lies about President Barack Obama not being born in America, which is a lie.

Some noted that the Obamas were practically under a 24/7 media microscope, and if this story had been about them or the Clintons it would have garnered weeks of Fox News coverage:

Some said, "who cares?"

Some blasted CNN for reporting the story:

While some just mocked the President:

Image: Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks via Flickr