Rudy Giuliani is in Ukraine because the GOP-led Senate is signaling acquittal: Ex-ethics chief
Former director of government ethics, Walter Shaub (Photo: Screen capture)

Former director for the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, noted that the U.S. Senate Republicans are signaling their intent to acquit President Donald Trump, and that's why Rudy Giuliani is in Ukraine this week.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Giuliani went to Ukraine to continue on his campaign to find dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

"Giuliani is in Ukraine because Republican Senators have irresponsibly signaled an intent to acquit Trump," said Shaub. "When people talk about setting a dangerous precedent, they're not posing hypotheticals. Trump's effort to rig the election is ongoing and an imminent threat to democracy."

He was responding to CNN reporter Jim Sciutto explaining what Giuliani was up to while overseas.

"Given that the president's personal lawyer is now in Ukraine meeting with friendly ex-prosecutors, what evidence is there that Trump believes he faces consequences for soliciting foreign help or interference in the election?" Sciutto asked.