Trump approvingly tweets out GOP’s Doug Collins admitting president abused his power

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) conceded that President Donald Trump had abused his power and Congress, but insisted he shouldn't be impeached because all other presidents had engaged in the same corruption.

The president approvingly tweeted out Collins' remarks from Wednesday's episode of "Fox & Friends," making the statement something of a confession just hours before the House of Representatives begins debating his impeachment.

“They just wanted to get at the president," Trump tweeted. "They had no intention of having a proper investigation. They couldn’t find any crimes so they did a vague abuse of power and abuse of Congress, which every administration from the beginning has done.”

Democratic lawmakers, historians and hundreds of legal experts have concluded that Trump's actions toward Ukraine were an unprecedented effort by a president to invite foreign interference in a U.S. election, and his corrupt efforts were compounded by his efforts to block congressional oversight.