Trump blasted by former White House ethics chief for attacking his own FBI director
President Donald Trump (left, via Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons) and FBI Director Christopher Wray (right, via Wikimedia Commons).

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump lashed out at FBI director Christopher Wray on Twitter for endorsing DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report debunking the Republican claim that the FBI "spied" on Trump's 2016 campaign. "The current director," tweeted Trump, will "never be able to fix" the "badly broken" FBI.

Trump's remark, and possible threat to Wray's job, drew outrage from former White House ethics official Walter Shaub:

Shaub directed the Office of Government Ethics early in Trump's administration, but repeatedly clashed with White House officials and Republicans in Congress. He has since left to work for the watchdog group Campaign Legal Center.