Trump Foundation shut down -- but not over claims of theft against kids' cancer charity
Donald Trump, pointing at his sons Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump (Twitter)

Social media posts are circulating that claim the Trump family was prohibited from operating any charity in New York because they'd been caught stealing from a children's cancer charity.

But that's not exactly what happened, according to the nonpartisan watchdog

The viral posts conflate the outcome of a court case against the Donald J. Trump Foundation with allegations against the Eric Trump Foundation.

The president's foundation agreed to shut down late last year to settle a case brought by the New York attorney general, which accused the nonprofit organization of funding Trump's business and political interests.

Trump ultimately paid $2 million in damages to eight charities, which also received equal portions from the foundation's remaining $1.8 million, to settle the lawsuit.

The lawsuit had asked the court to bar Trump and his adult children from operating a charity, but the settlement did not contain that provision.

The settlement required Trump's children to participate in mandatory training for charitable organizations, which they've completed, and imposed some restrictions and regulations for the president if he ever served as an officer of any charity.

Now, about the theft from a cancer charity.

That appears to be based on an allegation from a 2017 Forbes story accusing Eric Trump's own foundation of self-dealing and misleading donors.

The report claimed the foundation had announced all proceeds from a golf tournament would go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, but the magazine reported some of the proceeds went to payments to the Trump Organization to host the event, while some funds were directed to other charities.

The state attorney general's office announced a review of those claims after the report came out, but they were not part of the lawsuit settled last year.

Eric Trump has since resigned from his foundation, which is now known as Curetivity.