Trump interrupted his vacation for a Friday night social media meltdown
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters on the White House lawn (screengrab)

President Donald Trump was busy on Twitter on Friday evening after it rained earlier in the day while he was golfing at Trump International Golf Course West Palm Beach.

The tirade began with Trump thanking GOP spokesperson Kaleigh McEnany shortly before 9 p.m. at Mar-a-Lago. Trump would go on to tweet or retweet more than 20 times.

Trump retweeted one user with "Kiss My Bot" in their handle twice, once where he offered praise for progressive filmmaker Michael Moore.

Trump retweeted one user pushing a fabricated quote supporting Trump by actor Denzel Washington.

He also pushed debunked conspiracy theories involving Ukraine from One America News.

And the commander-in-chief retweeted a picture of dog poop.

Trump also thanked one user who tweeted a picture of a white Jesus Christ being welcomed as a refugee by the president.