Trump's children must undergo mandatory training to learn how to avoid defrauding charities
Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. -- Trump campaign

President Donald Trump's three eldest children have agreed to undergo a mandatory training seminar to ensure they don't fraudulently misuse charity funds in the future.

The New York Times reports that, as part of a settlement the New York State Attorney General's Office, three of Trump's children "were ordered to undergo mandatory training to ensure they do not engage in similar misconduct" at future charities.

The three children in question -- Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump -- were all officers at the Trump Foundation, which was accused by prosecutors of fraudulently misappropriating funds for the president's personal expenses.

The Trump Foundation agreed to voluntarily disband as part of its settlement with the New York Attorney General, and Trump paid out $2 million in compensation to eight different charities to make up for the money that the foundation misused over the span of several years.

In addition to paying $2 million, the president also had to admit that he misused foundation funds to fund his own presidential campaign, pay off his businesses’ legal expenses, and to buy a $10,000 portrait of himself that wound up being displayed at one of his Florida hotels.