Unhinged Trump supporter yells about his .357 Magnum after reporter asks about impeachment

A Trump supporter was caught on camera this week yelling about the .357 Magnum he owned after a reporter asked him about the prospect of President Donald Trump being removed from office.

In an interview with CBS News, the unidentified Trump supporter insisted that the Senate would never convict the president even if the House voted to impeach him.

"He's not going to be removed," the supporter said. "He's not going to be removed! He's not going to be removed!"

"Do you feel confident in that?" the reporter asked.

"My .357 Magnum is comfortable with that!" he said. "End of story!"

Another Trump supporter interviewed by CBS News predicted that it would mean a "second Civil War" if Trump were removed, while another Trump supporter told the network that there could be "a lot of mad Americans" and "possible violence" if Trump is removed from office.

Watch the video below.