New census data is 'much' more favorable than Democrats had feared: top elections experts
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (Facebook)

The results of the 2020 census are in and two top elections experts say they're "much" more favorable for Democrats than many party leaders had feared.

The New York Times' Nate Cohn points out that the areas where Democrats perform the worst -- namely in rural parts of the country -- saw their populations decline over the past ten years.

"Vast swaths of rural America -- and an outright majority of all counties -- lose population, per Census," he observes.

Cook Political's Dave Wasserman similarly says that his "early read" on the census is that "based on the strong urban and weaker rural numbers I'm seeing, this is a *much* more favorable Census count than minority advocacy groups/Dems had feared."

Wasserman also shows that the white population in the census came in a full two percentage points lower than estimates had projected, while population counts of Asian and other minority groups came in two points higher than expected.

One thing that might be particularly heartening for Democrats to see, writes Cohn, is that the state of Georgia is now just 50.1 percent non-Hispanic white, which could bode well for its efforts to hang onto the two Senate seats it won earlier this year in the Peach State.