‘Absolutely shameless’: Nikki Haley blasted for ‘irresponsible’ lie against Democrats to defend Trump
Former Ambassador Nikki Haley (screengrab)

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley received harsh criticism along for an attack against Democrats running for president in 2020 during a Monday appearance on Fox News.

Haley, the former Republican governor of South Carolina, was interviewed by Sean Hannity.

“The only ones mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and our Democrat Presidential candidates," Haley argued.

The comments came on the same day that hundreds of thousands of Iranians took to the streets to mourn the assassinated Iranian general.

Haley was harshly criticized for her attack.

"Exactly which members of the Democratic leadership and exactly which Democratic Presidential candidates have mourned the "loss" of Soleimani?" asked historian Kevin Kruse. "Be specific, ma'am, with exact quotes. Show your work."

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