Alan Dershowitz disowns his pre-Trump views on impeachment: ‘I retract it’
Alan Dershowitz appears on ABC (screen grab)

Donald Trump impeachment defense attorney Alan Dershowitz disowned his previous views on impeachment on Tuesday.

As his colleague, Patrick Philbin, argued against a motion for witnesses on the Senate floor, Dershowitz retracted his previous views while posting to Twitter from somewhere else.

"To the extent there are inconsistencies between my current position and what I said 22 years ago, I am correct today," Dershowitz argued.

He went on to argue that, "abuse of power and obstruction of congress are neither crimes nor criminal-like behavior."

"So I have now thoroughly researched the issue and concluded that although a technical crime with all the elements may not be required, criminal like behavior akin to treason and bribery is required," he wrote. "

"To the extent therefore that my 1998 off-the-cuff interview statement suggested the opposite, I retract it," Dershowitz said. "Scholars learn to adapt and even change old views as they do more research."

Harvard Prof. Laurence Tribe, who has been ridiculing the defenses offered by Dershowitz, added his views of Trump's defense team.

"As I listen to the arguments of the Trump team of lawyers in the Senate, I can’t decide whether to be disgusted at their duplicity and ineptitude or to be outraged that we have elected a president who would choose this bunch of idiots to represent him in so solemn a proceeding," Tribe posted on Twitter.