Chris Wallace busts Trump trying to manipulate Fox News coverage during House impeachment vote
Chris Wallace appears on FOX (screen grab)

Fox News host Chris Wallace pointed out on Wednesday that President Donald Trump had likely tried to manipulate Fox News coverage as the House of Representatives was voting to begin an impeachment trial in the Senate.

Anchor Harris Faulkner spoke to Wallace minutes after the president held a China trade deal signing during House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) historic speech in favor of transmitting articles of impeachment to the Senate.

"Those two moments were on the screen at the same time," Faulkner observed.

"The signing ceremony seemed to go on for an unusually long period of time," Wallace said. "And I was wondering whether someone was -- this is just in my head, I have no reason to believe it was true -- [Trump] was sort of hoping he would outlast Speaker Pelosi's speech so he could continue and maybe we [at Fox News] would switch back full screen to his signing ceremony to kind of put a full stop on what the House is doing."

In the end, Trump was not able to "outlast" Pelosi and he did not get the "full screen" shot that he may have wanted from Fox News.

Watch the video below from Fox News.