Chris Wallace grills Lindsey Graham over rigged Senate trial: 'This is just a rush to get this over'
Chris Wallace speaks to Lindsey Graham (Fox/screen grab)

Fox News host Chris Wallace called out Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for complaining that the House of Representatives had rushed the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Graham argued that the president's executive privilege claim would prevent former National Security Adviser John Bolton and others from testifying.

"If we call one witness, we're going to call all the witnesses," Graham insisted. "There's not going to be a process where the Democrats get their witnesses and the president gets shut out."

"I want this trial to get over with as quick as possible," he continued. "I want the people of the United States to pick the next president, not a court of impeachment."

Wallace noted that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to announce a new rule next week that would put the Senate in session 12 hours a day. So basically the House prosecutors would get two 12-hour days and the defense would get two 12-hour days to make their opening arguments.

"How do you respond to the Democratic impeachment managers who say this is just a rush to get this over with?" Wallace asked.

"You know, I like Nancy Pelosi," Graham replied. "I think she is a very religious person. But when it comes to Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi may pray for him privately but she's orchestrated the church of holy hell from the time Trump has been sworn in until now it's been one thing after another."

According to Graham, House Democrats did not allow Trump "to call any witnesses."

"This has been a partisan railroad job and you're asking for fairness in the Senate!" Graham exclaimed. "The sooner this is over, the better for the country. We can get back to the business of the American people."

Watch the video below from FOX News.