CNN's Avlon snaps at GOP senators whining about the 'hassle' of impeachment: 'Do your jobs!'

During a CNN "New Day" segment on the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, normally staid contributor John Avlon lost his temper when talking about GOP lawmakers who have been complaining about having to sit through the hearings, angrily telling them "Do your jobs!"

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, Avlon first bashed the Republicans for blocking subpoenaing impeachment evidence and blocking witnesses -- and then complaining that they haven't seen anything new.

"They're [GOP lawmakers] coming under pressure from the Trump White House and the Senate leadership, but just take a second to really look at the argument they're making," Avlon began. "The Senate is pushing this idea that they're not going to get witnesses anyway, because Trump's team will block it. That's totally circular because they're arguing at the same time they should have got the information that's being blocked by the Trump White House."

Turning to complaints from GOP about having to sit through the trial -- although many are leaving the floor despite rules mandating that they remain -- Avlon grew heated.

"Look at the other argument that is seeping through," the CNN contributor continued. "It's the hassle factor. That 'our constitutional obligation to oversee impeachment is really, really boring. We don't want to sit here and listen to things we disagree with'"

"Talk about snowflakes, people! Do your job! Do your job!" he heatedly exclaimed.

Watch below: