Combative Alan Dershowitz accuses CNN's Cuomo of distorting his words after confronted with impeachment trial clip

A tense and combative Alan Dershowitz snapped back at CNN's Chris Cuomo late Thursday night after he was confronted with his own words on the Senate floor maintaining that a politician trying to win reelection can be acting in the national interest and therefore cannot be impeached even when engaging in quid pro quo negotiations that benefit the president personally.

With the attorney for Donald Trump accusing CNN and MSNBC of "deliberately and willfully distorting my words," the CNN host pulled him up short and shared a clip from the Senate floor on Wednesday.

"Hold on professor, let's establish a record," Cuomo said before running the clip. "It sounds like you're saying as long as he thinks it's in the public interest, he can do whatever he wants in the name of public interest."

"That's because you deliberately selected that clip and didn't put it in context, " the attorney shot back. "The context was a question generally --"

"Professor, be fair, that is you speaking," Cuomo interrupted. "How'd I get the context wrong?"

With Dershowitz laying blame for his response by stating he was responding to questions by Democratic lawmakers, Cumo once again interrupted him saying, "That was not my understanding."

"Show the clip!" the obviously aggravated Dershowitz replied before explaining what clip he wanted to be shown.

With the CNN host stating, "Thank you for making it clear," Dershowitz snapped, "No, no! I didn't make it clear today, I made it clear all through my Senate proceedings."

Watch below: