#CoverUpCory Gardner destroyed in Colorado as vote against impeachment may cost him reelection in 2020
Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) (Shutterstock).

Coloradans took to Twitter to lambast #CoverUpCory Gardner (R-CO), who voted against allowing witnesses, particularly former national security adviser John Bolton, to appear for questions in the impeachment trial.

Bolton is scheduled to publish his tell-all book in March, and launch a book tour that will last weeks during an election year. Even former chief of staff Gen. John Kelly said that he believed Bolton, and called the trial illegitimate if witnesses were denied.

A whopping 75 percent of Americans wanted to see witnesses in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial. In Colorado, polling shows that 55 percent of Gardner's voters wanted witnesses to be called. A poll cited by Real Clear Politics showed him 13 percent down up against his Democratic opponent.

You can see the Colorado residents that were furious by Gardner's vote below: