'Disease fanboy': Internet slams NBC conservative for 'rooting for pandemic' to distract from Trump impeachment trial
Mother and Son with Face masks to avoid China Virus AFP

Hugh Hewitt is once again under fire, this time for almost appearing to be glad a deadly SARS-related virus has been diagnosed in a patient in Washington state – saying additional diagnoses will take the focus away from the Senate's historic impeachment trial. Hewitt is a conservative Washington Post columnist, radio host, MSNBC and NBC contributor, and law professor who went from being a "Never-Trumper" to all-in for President Donald Trump.

"People care much more for their health than theater," said Hewitt via Twitter, referring to Trump's impeachment trial. The SARS-related virus, known as the Wuhan coronavirus, is named for an area of China where it was first found. It "has infected more than 300 people and killed six in an outbreak that has struck China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and now the US," CNN reports.

"It’s a nightmare to consider and pray they don’t arrive, but more cases of coronavirus in the U.S. and news cycle fixated on pre-ordained result in Senate trial will at least be dented if not broken," he tweeted.

Many on social media were angered. Take a look at some of the responses: