'Enjoy jail!': Internet mocks Duncan Hunter's resignation a full month after pleading guilty
Rep. Duncan Hunter vaping during hearing -- (CSPAN screenshot)

It was reported Tuesday that Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) would resign one month after he was convicted of misusing campaign funds for personal reasons.

Hunter attempted to blame his wife for the funds, but he also spent the campaign dollars on five alleged mistresses, so it was unknown how his wife was responsible. Hunter's wife complained that it's incredibly difficult to live on $174,000 annually. After Hunter's arguments fell apart, he began negotiating a deal with prosecutors.

He ultimately pled guilty before the holidays in December. But it wasn't until Jan. 7 that he finally announced he would resign on Jan. 13, giving him a full month of pay after being convicted.

"His move to resign after Christmas probably means Hunter will collect one last full government paycheck. House members get paid monthly, on the last business day of each month," the Washington Post reported in December.

Hunter tweeted his resignation letter, saying it was a pleasure to serve.

The internet was quick to respond: