Fox News and Trump aide mocked for using a conservative reporter's sarcasm to claim liberals attacked Vince Vaughn
White House press aide hogan gidley and Vince Vaughn seen with Donald Trump (Photos: Screen capture)

Fox News and White House press aide Hogan Gidley got their facts wrong yet again.

It all began with a conspiracy theory Tuesday that liberals were trying to "get Vince Vaughn canceled." Conservatives raged about "cancel culture," which advocates punishing those they disagree with by getting them fired or their shows canceled.

The problem, however, is that the so-called "liberal" who Gidley and Fox are using as an example of the attack on Vaughn was a conservative Washington Examiner reporter, who was joking. To make matters worse, Vaugh's latest appearance in a television show was "F is for Family." He hasn't been on the show since 2018.

As Vox reporter Aaron Rupar pointed out, the network was so desperate to gin up outrage they didn't seem to account for sarcasm in tweets.

"Fox News is so dense they don’t realize the one tweet they keep using to smear the hysterical libs was posted sarcastically by a Washington Examiner staffer. Beyond parody," tweeted Rupar.

You can see other responses in the tweets below: