Fox News commentator caught laughing on hot mic as Trump slurs his words at New Jersey rally
President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump went to the blue state of New Jersey on Tuesday evening where he played the victim of an evil witch hunt where corrupt Democrats are out to get him.

Somewhere in the lengthy rant, Trump started talking about immigration and tried to say that people were "sheltering criminals." Instead, he began to slur his words and tried to divert to another topic.

Fox News was running the speech live, until the moment, when a commentator could be heard laughing at the president on a hot mic. Fox then cut from Trump's speech.

It isn't the first time Trump has slurred his words during a speech.

During his speech about Iran, the president slurred several words, got words wrong, sniffled and stumbled through the whole speech.

The tell-all book by an anonymous White House official explained that this is a frequent occurrence with the president.

It seems that Trump “genuinely doesn’t remember important facts,” the official writes in the book. And the president often “can’t remember what he’s said or been told,” the official warns.

The official recalled Trump once saying he wasn’t sure he had “ever even heard of a Category 5” hurricane. The problem, however, is he had been briefed, according to the official, on at least four previous Category 5 hurricanes.

The official wondered, “Was he forgetting these briefings? Or more problematic, was he not paying attention at all? These are events that affect millions of Americans, yet they don’t seem to stick in his brain.”

Watch the Fox News video below: