George Conway and Neal Katyal lay down the law to Mitch McConnell -- and show why John Bolton must testify

Attorneys George Conway and Neal Katyal have written an editorial for the New York Times in which they call on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to stop trying to protect President Donald Trump and hold a real impeachment trial in the Senate.

In particular, the editorial hammers McConnell for declaring that there's no chance Trump will be removed from office before hearing former national security adviser John Bolton's testimony.

"Remember that the diplomat Fiona Hill testified at the House impeachment hearings that Mr. Bolton called the pressuring of Ukraine by the administration a 'drug deal' and said he wanted no part of it," they write. "Mr. Bolton himself has said that he possesses new information that has not been revealed. He even gave a speech saying that some of Mr. Trump’s foreign policy decisions were made in his self-interest, not in the interest of the American people."

And they don't think the Senate should stop at hearing from Bolton either, as they believe Trump himself should be compelled to testify before the Senate.

"The president has been too scared to testify, and too scared to let anyone else in his administration testify," they argue. "There is only one possible explanation for this behavior: He is afraid of the truth. Otherwise, what argument can there be for refusing to hear from a central witness like Mr. Bolton, who other witnesses have indicated was exceptionally concerned about the suspension of military aid to Ukraine?"

Read the whole editorial here.