'He is our OJ!' Trump supporter defends president with bizarre comparison to accused murderer
President Donald Trump and former NFL star O. J. Simpson (composite image)

One supporter of President Donald Trump admits that the president is "a horrible person" -- but he says he still supports him for the same reasons that some people supported former NFL running back O.J. Simpson after he was accused of a double homicide.

In an interview with Politico reporter John Harris, 66-year-old Trump backer Keith Swartz says that Trump is "manic, uneducated, illogical," as well as "vulgar, amoral, narcissistic."

However, he believes that the president deserves his support based on the strength of the American economy.

"To those of us who support what he has accomplished, it feels like he is our O.J.," he said, referring to the NFL Hall of Famer who was accused and ultimately acquitted of murdering ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Even though Simpson was acquitted of murder, he was subsequently found liable for their deaths in a civil lawsuit.

Politico's Harris comments that Swartz's justifications for supporting Trump were very similar to the ones that Simpson supporters used to stand by him, despite significant evidence of his guilty.

"Swartz’s admirably forthright comparison -- with biased media and unscrupulous Democrats serving as proxies for racist cops -- captured the spirit of many replies," Harris writes.