Here’s why either Trump or his lawyers were busted lying about John Bolton’s book
President Donald Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's lawyers argued before the Senate Wednesday that no one in the White House had access to John Bolton's manuscript and it was only the national security staff who were checking it for any possible breaches of classified information.

Bolton got a note from the team of national security staffers, who said that the book had multiple cases of classified information that were included in the manuscript as well as some that were "top secret."

But before the news about it was released, Trump tweeted that the book was filled with lots of classified information.

Trump's lawyers answered a question about who was given access to Bolton's manuscript, they said that no one was outside of the national security.

"He was asked, 'What did you know about this book,' and he said, 'We never got a heads up,'" recalled CNN's Gloria Borger. "It would be problematic for them. They are saying it was held by the national security folks. They never got a heads up. 'We don't know anything about what they know about it today. We just -- we have no idea."

CNN's Jake Tapper asked, if that was true, how did the president know it was filled with classified information?

"This letter we obtained from the National Security Council to [Bolton's lawyer] Chuck Cooper was released by the White House I think around noon or so. Or afternoon, at least," Tapper said. "And what's significant is President Trump was tweeting this morning that John Bolton's book was full of classified information."

"How does he know?" Borger asked.

"Now, if it's siloed in the National Security Council office that deals with vetting and this letter just went from the National Security Council office to Chuck Cooper, how did President Trump know that it was full of, at least they're alleging, that it was full of top secret classified information?" Tapper asked. "How did he know that if, according to his lawyers, the process is completely at arms length."

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