Iran threatens to strike America's regional allies if the war escalates — and possibly the US mainland
Iran Revolutionary Guards commander Qassem Soleimani attends a meeting in Tehran in this file handout picture released on September 18, 2016

On CNN Tuesday, correspondent Fred Pleitgen reported that Iran is now threatening to strike bases of U.S. strategic allies, and could even strike the U.S. mainland itself.

"On a telegram channel from the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Revolutionary Guard Corps seems to indicate that if the U.S. responds to this retaliation, that the Revolutionary Guard Corps could respond then inside the United States. That's another threat coming out," said Pleitgen.

"The Revolutionary Guard also warning the United States not to retaliate after these strikes that the Iranians are conducting right now," added Pleitgen. "They're warning America's regional allies that have U.S. bases on their soil that if attacks against Iran are launched from those bases, those countries will become targets as well. In the U.S. now seeing how it wants to respond to this Iranian retaliation, what are some of the countries in the region that have U.S. bases on them going to think of this Iranian threat? The Iranians also once again threatening Israel, as we've seen in the past as well."

The threat tacks with fears of some experts that Hezbollah cells could activate within America to take revenge for their backers in Iran.

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