John Oliver unleashes on news sites that sent out stupid push notifications
HBO's John Oliver opens his show with a discussion of Trump's week/Screenshot

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver doesn't come back until Feb. 16, but he dropped a new web-exclusive video Sunday complaining to news agencies that they should stop sending out stupid push notifications on their apps.

Oliver told his audience that there are two major criteria when considering a push notification: 1. Is there something I should be doing differently?; and 2. Is this something I need to know now?

Things like declarations of war, earthquakes or acts of terrorism are all perfect examples of things news agencies should inform readers about quickly. But when CNN sent out a push notification about a 115,000 Neanderthal child that was only found "half-eaten" by a bird, Oliver was understandably frustrated.

His mockery of stupid choices got even more pronounced as he ranted about a New York Times headline dissing Vanity Fair and a CNN story about a milkman.

You can see John Oliver's web-exclusive below: