Maddow breaks down the evidence against Mike Pompeo: ‘How is he still Secretary of State?’
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow was shocked that Mike Pompeo remains Secretary of State despite all of the damning evidence that has emerged about his role in the Ukraine scandal for which President Donald Trump was impeached.

"Remember there's this thing with this guy Dmytro Firtash? So this Ukrainian oligarch who is charged with serious bribery charges in the United States, he's fighting extradition -- all the money in the world, the Kremlin's man in Ukraine, the prosecutors say he's an upper-echelon associate of Russian organized crimes," Maddow noted. "What is he doing in this story anyway?"

"Lev tells me in that interview that they were trying to work out a 'push me, pull you,' with Dmytro Firtash," a little bit of a trade," she explained. "That Rudy Giuliani set up a plan where Firtash would get a little help trying to get his case against him dropped, reduce the threat of extradition and -- in exchange -- he would cook up anti-Biden stuff for them."

"Lev Parnas told The Daily Beast that as part of that deal, one of these lawyers who is working with Rudy Giuliani calls the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Rick Grinell, who is President Trump's favorite ambassador, and Rick Grinnell, according to Lev Parnas's account of the facts, says, 'How can I help?' 'What we need you to do is we need you to give us a little bit of a heads-up if they're really going to extradite Firtash.' 'Sure, I can help you with that.' I can help you enact this exchange. I, as the U.S. ambassador will use my connections at the State Department to give you his defense counsel a heads-up so he can flee and not get extradited?" she asked.

"That is part of trying to help a U.S. fugitive from justice, Maddow noted.

"So the world that Mike Pompeo is overseeing here has been involved in so many hairy, hairy parts of this that have yet to be fully adjudicated and in some cases they haven't even responded to, but that's crazy. The fact he never defended Yovanovich, that it did take a year to fire her, there are insane allegations about Rick Grenell, the sitting ambassador in Germany and you know was put in charge of U.S. diplomats who didn't have Ukraine as part of their remit to run this operation for the president, which Mike Pompeo was totally apparently right in on it," she noted.

"How is he still Secretary of State?" Maddow asked.