MSNBC's Morning Joe hilariously mocks 'laziest guy' Trump for 'waddling around playing golf' instead of working
Donald Trump playing golf, as he has about 30 hours a week during his presidency. (Screenshot)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hilariously mocked President Donald Trump for spending nearly one-third of his presidency loafing on the taxpayer's dime at one of his own properties.

The president has spent three out of every 10 days since his inauguration at a Trump-branded property, paid for by taxpayers, after complaining for years about President Barack Obama's golfing.

"Here you've got a guy who, again, is so lazy, he's taking one out of three days off as president, hanging out at a golf resort that taxpayers pay for so he can get richer while he's lazing around on the job playing golf," Scarborough said. "He is screwing working-class Americans who are paying him to not do his job at his resort while making him richer just sitting around in golf carts, waddling around playing golf."

"This is absolutely incredible," Scarborough added. "Have you seen him in the golf shirts? Have you seen him walking around lately? I mean, it is such a scam for people who are working 40, 50, 60 hours a week. They pay their taxes, and then they are paying the costs of the president of the United States taking a squad of people down to one of his resorts so he can lie around, play golf, eat, do next to nothing but occasionally kill an Iranian general and then they have to pay for it."

Scarborough said the president's loafing was all the more outrageous after he promised throughout his campaign to work harder than Obama, whom he constantly suggested was lazy.

"He criticized Barack Obama for playing too much golf," Scarborough said. "Have you ever seen Barack Obama's golf swing? He didn't play enough golf!"

Scarborough said the president doesn't even work hard on the days where he's not playing golf or swapping gossip with his private club members.

"Even when he's in the White House supposedly doing his job, you look at those schedules, his executive time, sometimes he doesn't even get into the White House until like 11 a.m.," Scarborough said. "(He) gets into the oval office at 11 in the morning for a meeting. The laziness is incredible. I've never seen a lazier guy at any time, not just in the White House, but anywhere. One out of three days he's off. He ambles into the White House sometimes at 11 in the morning. Laziest guy we've ever elected to the presidency."