MSNBC's Morning Joe warns Trump won't be president forever: 'Everyone who shamed themselves for him will live to regret it'
Morning Joe (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough warned Republicans that President Donald Trump won't stay in the White House forever.

The "Morning Joe" host cautioned conservatives putting their reputations on the line to defend each of Trump's abuses, saying that one day he wouldn't be president and their reputation would be shot.

"People do forget that there is an after-Trump era coming," Scarborough said. "I always tell the story of my friend in the Bush administration in 2005, somebody I knew very well, called up screaming, yelling at me, and I stopped, because I was critical of Bush. (I said) hold on a second, you do know that George Bush is going to leave the White House, and I'm still going to be here. Now, are you my friend or not? I didn't mean it as a threat but I did let him know this, too, shall pass, choose your friends wisely."

"These Trump people that work for him, they don't even have to wait until 2021 to see what the world looks like," he added. "They can just look in the rearview mirror and see everybody that shamed themselves in the name of that Donald Trump has been fired and then lived to regret it."