New Trump revelations are a 'fecal iceberg' that will only lead to more damning info: Rick Wilson
GOP strategist Rick Wilson.

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," former GOP strategist Rick Wilson laid out how the new revelations from the Lev Parnas documents affect President Donald Trump's legal and political situation.

"All of it was this corrupt, second-tier channel, as the letter proves, by Rudy [Giuliani] and by Parnas and by all these people in this pyramid of skells and weirdos and mooks," said Wilson. "And all of these people that were involved in this, they're out of the State Department chain. All the claims that the State Department had anything to do with this are just flatly wrong. They were the ones trying to figure out where this outside influence is coming from."

"I think this is not the last thing we're going to see," continued Wilson. "I always describe the Trump situation as a fecal iceberg. There's always more badness under the water. You're always going to find more and more and more of these kind of things. And I think that this evidence that's come out today, it points a lot of things directly. One of the people listed in the Parnas notes is a guy named Brian Ballard. He's Trump's favorite lobbyist ... Brian Ballard's employee Pam Bondi, who works for Ballard, who is a Ballard Partners employee, is now in the White House running the impeachment defense. The Parnas things are like a Rosetta Stone to the entire affair."

"If I were these people, I would not have any fear though," added Wilson grimly. "What's going to happen? The only people who should be afraid are American diplomats that cross Donald Trump. Bill Barr will never lift a finger to pursue justice if it gets in the way of Donald Trump's political situation. It's a sick situation."

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