New video shows RNC's Ronna McDaniel warmly greeting indicted henchman Igor Fruman: 'Good to see you -- so glad you're here!'

A newly released video shows Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel warmly greeting Igor Fruman, one of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's former henchmen who has since been indicted on campaign finance fraud charges.

Politico reports that the video was taken by Fruman at a GOP donor event at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in 2018, and it shows McDaniel seemingly showing familiarity with the now-indicted henchman.

"Good to see you -- so glad you're here!" she says as she approaches him.

Footage at the event also shows that Fruman was assigned a seat directly across from McDaniel, which suggests that the two had some familiarity with one another prior to the event.

Shortly after McDaniel greets Fruman, the president himself can be seen walking into the room.

Later in the video, Fruman's alleged co-conspirator, Lev Parnas, can be seen taking a picture of the president. The president has repeatedly said that he does not know Parnas, even though multiple photographs, audio recordings and videos have shown the two men meeting with and talking to one another.