Pompeo snaps at CNN's Tapper during grilling over claim 'world is safer' after killing Suleimani
Jake Tapper, Pompeo -- screenshot

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo snapped at host Jake Tapper when he was questioned over the wisdom of Donald Trump's decision to order the killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, Iran’s most powerful commander, which has now put U.S. military members and overseas Americans at risk.

In a long interview where Pompeo insisted that Suleimani was planning an attack -- without presenting any evidence -- Tapper pressed the White House administration official on what happens next.

"When you are talking about the attacks are imminent, days or weeks?" Tapper asked.

"If you are an American in the region, days or weeks is not relevant. We have to prepared and be ready. We took a bad guy off of the battlefield and we made the right decision and there are less risks today to the American forces in the region as a result of it," Pompeo recited back. "And I am proud of the effort that President Trump undertook and the execution of the military was phenomenal and the work by the diplomats was very fair and powerful and effective."

"I keep coming back to the fact that you are saying it is safer, at the same time that the American government is telling all Americans to leave Iraq. Again, I understand that in the long run --," Tapper pressed only to have Pompeo cut in and snap, "You don't seem to understand that. Oftentimes I have heard you say, Jake, America thinks about the moment and does not think about the long-term strategic implications."

"I don't know I have said it about America, but leaders about this country," Tapper shot back.

"Yes, sir. This administration is thinking about exactly that," Pompeo insisted. "We are setting the conditions for successful and safe America. A prosperous America at home, and secure America abroad and that is the Middle East strategy and what we have done over the last three years in Iraq and pushing back against the Islamic Republic of Iran and we will not stray from the course, Jake."

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