Republican impeachment conduct ripped by ex-GOP lawmaker: 'They celebrate the corrupt president with a vengeance'
Mitch McConnell speaks to reporters (C-SPAN/screen grab)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former Rep., Dave Jolly (R-FL) scorched his former colleagues over the way they are approaching the impeachment of Donald Trump, saying they have shirked their duties and are "embracing corruption."

In an extended diatribe, while speaking with host Ali Velshi, Jolly was unsparing when talking about the current Republican Party.

"The founders expected truth as a currency would somehow always win out but we are not living in that era," he began. "To your question about the Republican Party, are we watching the death of it? I really believe we are. It is an interesting place as the nation watches the impeachment hearing to be a life long Republican recently having left the party watching this. There is a solemnness to watching a party you once knew now be completely devoid of honor."

"There is no honor in today's Republican Party," he repeated. "We have a corrupt president, we know it by his own confessions. Just in the matter of Ukraine, in trying to obstruct justice with Mueller. We have a corrupt president and where the party has veered is that they celebrate the corrupt president. It is not that they merely support him, they are celebrating him almost with a vengeance."

"What we are watching is the GOP leadership in the nation advancing essentially the second article of impeachment," he continued. "There is no honor of obstructing accountability of someone who has committed wrongdoing and it is what we are seeing in the Republican Party."

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