Republicans are being 'torn and squeezed' after Bolton’s book disrupts their anti-impeachment efforts: columnist
Former Ambassador John R. Bolton speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

On Tuesday, conservative columnist Matt Lewis wrote for The Daily Beast that former National Security Adviser John Bolton's book is a "game changer" that "puts the squeeze" on Senate Republicans who were hoping to dispose of the impeachment trial quickly.

"If you don’t think the bombshell revelation that John Bolton’s book will say Donald Trump wanted to withhold Ukraine aid until their government agreed to investigate Democrats has the potential to move the needle, consider the developments that ensued in its wake," wrote Lewis. "Susan Collins suggested she would vote for witnesses, and Mitt Romney said it’s 'increasingly likely' other Republicans would join them. Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham abruptly canceled a press conference (later, he left open the possibility that he would subpoena Bolton’s manuscript, even as he remained opposed to having Bolton testify), and Pat Toomey proposed a 'one-for-one' witness swap. By the end of the day Monday, Independent Sen. Angus King of Maine told NPR that he expects as many as 10 Republicans to vote for witnesses."

"To put it simply, Republicans are being torn and squeezed," wrote Lewis. "The problem with not allowing Bolton to testify is that it’s an absurd and indefensible stance. The problem with allowing Bolton to testify is that, even if the testimony, itself, isn’t damning, it could also snowball. I mean, if Bolton testifies, then why not Don McGahn or Rudy Giuliani or Mick Mulvaney or Mike Pompeo — especially if Bolton reveals something that might implicate them?"

"As such, voting to allow Bolton to testify — a vote that should be an obvious 'yes' for anyone who really wants to get to the bottom of things — is high-stakes, because it could actually snowball and, you know, get to the bottom of things," continued Lewis. "And getting to the bottom of things is the last thing Republicans want."

"Senate Republicans are being squeezed like never before," concluded Lewis. "This impeachment trial just got a lot more interesting."

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