Secret evidence from Roger Stone investigation to be released
Roger Stone (MSNBC)

Federal prosecutors are prepared to release some of the evidence seized by FBI agents during the investigation of Roger Stone.

A group of media outlets had sued for the release of materials placed under seal after investigators executed search and seizure warrants as part of the Russia probe, and prosecutors told a judge Monday they're now ready to release that secret evidence, reported Courthouse News.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron Zelinsky had initially argued the release would jeopardize ongoing investigations and the privacy of others involved in Stone's case, and U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper agreed to accept the government's 60-day timeline for turning over the materials to media outlets.

Stone, a longtime Trump associate and former 2016 campaign adviser, was convicted in November on seven counts, including obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

He is scheduled to be sentenced next month.