Swing voters worry Trump attacked Iran to distract from impeachment: 'If so, he doesn't deserve to be president'
(AFP / Brendan Smialowski)

Swing voters expressed some concerns about President Donald Trump's order to assassinate Iranian general Qassim Suleimani -- although they're still largely supportive of the airstrike.

A recent focus group, comprised of 11 voters from Pennsylvania who flipped from Barack Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016, conducted by Engagious/FPG found some disagreement over the president's Iran policy, reported Axios.

"I respect his decision," said 51-year-old Ron B. "He's our president. He knows more than we know and you just have to trust that it's in the best interest of us people to do something like that."

The session was held Monday, a day before Iran retaliated with missile strikes on an Iraq base where U.S. troops are stationed, and shows swing voters are inclined to trust Trump -- for now.

"He tells it like it is," one voter said. "He takes the bull by the horns," said another.

But some participants are already nervous about the situation and how it's played out so far.

"It's time that we take care of home and stop getting ourselves involved in these other situations that we don't need to be in," said 72-year-old Don E.

Some of the voters were suspicious of the president's motivations.

"It depends on if we trust the information that he was giving us," said 38-year-old Joe W., "or it's just a stunt for him because of the impeachment."

"If an all-out war, that means his information wasn't clear and he was doing it for self-indulgent purposes, I would say," Joe W. added. "If that was the case, he doesn't deserve to be president. It's not a time to be playing with the fate of the world."