'They don't like Trump': Ex-ambassador reveals to Bill Maher that GOP lawmakers trash president behind his back

Appearing on HBO's "Real Time,' former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul told host Bill Maher that Republican lawmakers can't stand Donald Trump and talk trash about him behind his back

During the "Overtime" segment, McFaul was asked about Russian involvement with GOP lawmakers before turning back to Trump.

"What really bothers me about folks like this," he began while speaking to the host who has just ripped into the president, "They don't like Trump. They talk like you. I mean, they all talk like you."

"The Republicans?" host Maher asked.

"All those guys," McFaul shot back. "When they're talking in the family, that's what they say among the family. And yet when they come out in the public, then they care about taxes and other issues and maybe power, but they just forget about all this other stuff -- and that is what I can't respect."

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