'This ends badly for Trump's lackeys': MSNBC's Morning Joe warns GOP senators they're doomed for opposing impeachment
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped Senate Republicans for selling their souls to President Donald Trump -- and risking their political careers.

The "Morning Joe" host praised Rep. Adam Schiff's impassioned plea to GOP senators in the impeachment trial, but lamented that his appeal likely fell on deaf ears.

"It's a fear of those who follow Donald Trump, who follow Donald Trump in the Republican Party," Scarborough said. "It's a fear of losing a primary election, and, then, yes it is a fear for many of these people, and I consider it to be extraordinarily weak of them, of Donald Trump criticizing them, or tweeting attacks at them."

"But it is backfiring," he added. "If you look at the poll numbers, if you look at Colorado and see how much Donald Trump is upside-down, see how (Sen.) Cory Gardner is upside-down and behind there. If you look at (Sen.) Susan Collins, the least popular senator in all of the United States Senate, because people now consider her to be a little more than a lackey for Donald Trump. This is a woman who comes from a state where they elect fierce independents and always have."

Scarborough compared Collins to her former colleague and fellow Republican, former Maine senator Olympia Snowe.

"Never once did Olympia Snowe say, 'I wonder what the president will think of me if I vote this way or that?'" Scarborough said. "That's just not how senators in Maine act, and yet we hear that Susan Collins did finally have a concern in this Trump impeachment, and she actually wrote a note to the chief justice, and she was concerned that a Democrat had been too mean to a Republican."

"You know how they say power doesn't transform character, it reveals it?" he added. "Susan Collins' character becomes a little more revealed every day, and it is very bad news for her politically. This ends badly for all of Trump's lackeys."