Trump and Foxconn promised swing-state Wisconsin 13,000 jobs that have never materialized

According to National Public Radio report from WUMW- Milwaukee, the much-hyped announcement from Donald Trump and Taiwanese multinational electronics company Foxconn over the creation of 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin where high-resolution LCD screens would be manufactured has been a bust so far.

The report -- which can be listened to below -- notes, "Two and a half years ago President Trump boasted of a plan to build a huge high-tech manufacturing plant in Wisconsin for Taiwan-based electronics giant Foxconn. They originally promised 13,000 new jobs, but it has not gone as planned."

Pointing out that former Republican Gov. Scott Walker also helped lead the effort by offering the company "an enormous subsidy package topping $3 billion -- the biggest ever state incentive for a foreign company --  local governments also promised to sweeten the deal but it's been a largely bumpy ride ever since."

"First Foxconn reduced the size of the LCD display panel that says its going to build here meaning fewer jobs. In fact, in 2018 it didn't meet the threshold to qualify for state money. That gets us to last winter when Foxconn said they might not build a factory here after all," WUMW reports. "President Trump got the company to do a quick about-face." The report notes that multiple facilities are being built around the state -- but the manufacturing jobs that were promised are still way off -- if they are coming at all.

"Foxconn did hold a series of hiring fairs last fall," and those who attended are still holding out hope that jobs appear.

In the meantime Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) has been working with the company to get them to live up to their job promises made when they negotiated the subsidy package with Republican Governor Walker, as a state official noted, "The company is well behind schedule and investment, hiring and things like supply chains in the number of manufacturing jobs that are associated with this project versus the original project."

According to a recent report in Reason, the Foxconn deal has already cost the state $20 billion in lost economic growth.

You can listen below: