Trump impeachment defense team may be forced to change tactics to hold off GOP defections: report
Jay Sekulow, Pat Cipollone -- screenshots

According to a report from Axios, Donald Trump's defense team is considering an attempt to shorten the president's Senate trial in order to get it over quickly as Democrats try to pry away Republican defectors.

The report states that "A truncated defense would likely reflect a decision not to contest facts or defend Trump point by point, but rather to try to diminish the legitimacy of Democrats' overall case and end the trial as quickly as possible."

Speaking with reporters, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow stated, "We’re not going to try to run the clock out," before adding that he hopes to wrap up “Saturday or Monday or Tuesday."

The report goes on to note that by wrapping up as quickly as possible the White House strategy may alienate some Republican senators who had been promised more time by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), with Axios stating, "But if the White House moves too abruptly, it risks angering the small group of Republican senators Democrats have been courting to cross party lines to allow new witnesses and evidence in the trial."

"Instead, the team plans to adjust their arguments to what some of the more vulnerable Senate Republicans need to get them over the acquittal line," the report states with a source admitting, "They'll use their time to get their facts out there, however long that may be."

The source added, "Trump's team recognizes that some Republicans are eager to hear a full-throated defense of Trump that wipes away any doubts about his culpability."

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