Trump is making the judicial branch white and male again with 'ruthless efficiency and speed': op-ed
President Donald J. Trump offers a fist pump to awaiting supporters as he disembarks Air Force One Saturday, Dec. 14 2019, at Philadelphia International Airport to attend the 120th Army-Navy football game, official White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

In an op-ed published this Tuesday, Yahoo News National Correspondent Alexander Nazaryan contends that President Trump is continuing his pattern of making the judicial branch less diverse, reversing the progress of his predecessors by appointing dozens of white men to the bench.

"With ruthless efficiency and speed, and with little consideration of Democratic objections, Trump has managed to largely blunt and even reverse his predecessors’ efforts to diversify the federal judiciary by appointing dozens of white men to the bench," Nazaryan writes.

"The president’s supporters have cheered the ideological bona fides of Trump’s appointments, which have been largely guided and certified as acceptable by the conservative Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation," he continues. "They have evinced little concern over the lack of nonwhite, nonmale nominees."

According to Nazaryan, Trump's judicial picks are in line with the legal profession's demographics.

"About 85 percent of attorneys are white, according to the American Bar Association, and about 62 percent of attorneys are men, according to the Census Bureau," writes Nazaryan. "But the work judges do reverberates across all of society and, in that respect, Trump’s picks do not mirror the face of a nation that will soon no longer be majority-white."

Read his full op-ed over at Yahoo News.