Trump rants about the YMCA after being asked about his call for more NATO involvement in the Middle East

In the wake of the US-Iranian crisis, President Trump has expressed that he wants America's NATO allies to be more involved in the Middle East. During a press conference this Thursday, Trump was asked by a reporter to elaborate on that concept and he started out by sharing the name he came up with for the potential new endeavor.

"And I actually had a name," Trump said. "NATO -- right? And then you have 'ME' -- Middle East. You'd call it, NATOME."

"I said, 'What a beautiful name,'" Trump continued, recounting an alleged conversation he had with NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. "NATOME -- I'm good at names, right? USMCA -- like the song, YMCA. Nobody could remember ... I said, 'think of the song, YMCA,' now everybody says it. They don't remember the previous name of a bad deal, commonly known as NAFTA.'


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