Trump supporter Steve Cortes loses it after Rick Wilson brings up war crimes prosecutions
Composite image of Steve Cortes and Rick Wilson (screengrab)

The spokesperson for the "official" pro-Trump SuperPAC was admonished twice by an MSNBC anchor on Saturday night during a segment on impeachment that quickly went off the rails.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid was anchoring a Saturday night special titled, "the impeachment trial of Donald Trump."

Her panel included Rick Wilson, the author of the bestselling 2018 book Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever and Steve Cortes, the spokesperson for America First PAC.

Wilson explained why Republican senators refuse to stand up to Trump.

"These guys live in absolute abject terror of Donald Trump," Wilson said. "They don't want a primary, they don't want Trump to tweet about them, they don't want Trump's crazy people to come out of the woodwork when he says 'congressman so-and-so doesn't support me enough.' And they don't want their lives to turn into a burning Trumpian hell."

"He is a president who happens to be in the Oval Office right now, but he's the first thug," he argued. "This is not a guy who inspires love and inspiration, he inspires terror. And that's working for them right now, that works for this White House, and the reason --"

At that point, Cortes interrupted to encourage Wilson to attend a Trump rally.

"Thanks, Steve," Wilson replied. "If I want to do that, I'll just watch Nuremberg videos."

And that's when things got heated.

Cortes had to be admonished by Reid to not shout over Wilson. Later in the segment, she lectured Cortes for complaining about Wilson's characterizations while supporting Trump, who sent this tweet on Saturday morning.