Trump's 'extreme weakness and insecurity' is the only explanation for his Obama 'obsession': Susan Rice

Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice on Wednesday buried President Donald Trump for using his national address on Iran to once again attack his predecessor.

During an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Rice slammed Trump for telling bald-faced lies about the nuclear arms control agreement former President Barack Obama and his administration struck with Iran, while also hammering the president for being petty and partisan during a major foreign policy speech.

"Three years after taking office he remains obsessed with President Obama," she said. "[It] just shows President Trump's extreme weakness and insecurity. The facts about the Iran nuclear deal are that it effectively halted and rolled back the Iranians' nuclear program. In the years since the signing of the deal in 2015, up until President Trump's unilateral withdraw abandoning our allies against the advice of his advisers, there were no proxy attacks by Iranian proxies on U.S. personnel in Iraq. There were no efforts by Iran to attack our drones in the Persian Gulf or attack shipping. The nuclear program was under control."

She then slammed the president for continuing to damage American alliances even as he declares victory against Iran.

"The Iraqis want us out of Iraq -- that's extraordinarily dangerous for our interest," she said. "It's a victory for Iran. The fight against ISIS has been suspended, so the whole reason why we're there to go after the terrorists, we can't do."

Watch the video below.