Trump’s lawyer accidentally confessed their ‘nonsense’ would hold up Senate witnesses
Jay Sekulow (ABC News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump's lawyers accidentally admitted that the president's legal team would be the ones to hold up the Senate witnesses if they were requested as part of the impeachment.

When asked why it would take so long to call witnesses, Jay Sekulow confessed: “executive privilege and other nonsense” is what would take a long time.

It's the president asserting executive privilege "and other nonsense."

So, it's another threat the president's team has lodged against the case, saying that if they want this all over, then they shouldn't call witnesses, because the Trump team would block them at every turn.

Rep. Adam Schiff addressed it, saying that it's clear "we'll make you pay for it with endless delay. How dare the House demand there be witnesses in a trial?"

As legal scholar Elie Mystal pointed out, it's another example of obstruction of justice, while, at the same time, the president's team is trying to prove the president didn't obstruct justice.

You can see Schiff's response below: