Trump’s legal team’s argument flopped in TV ratings up against Democrats
House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (screengrab)

It was reported when the House managers made their case before the Senate to hold a legitimate trial with witnesses and convict the president, Americans were glued to their televisions.

An astounding 11 million people, not including streaming video or PBS, were watching the House make the case against President Donald Trump.

An estimated 9.3 million Americans tuned in on the night the president's team presented their argument.

When it came to the president's legal team, however, Fox News wasn't showing the trial the way other channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, CNN and MSNBC were streaming it. Fox News didn't run the trial the way other channels were. They would occasionally show short clips, but it wasn't the entirety of the trial.

Yet, the ratings for Fox News on the night the president's lawyers were making his case, were very high. That would normally be a huge success for the president. The problem is that those people were watching Fox News hosts and not the president's team.