Trump's Senate trial will be 'riddled by hypocrisy' with Ken Starr defending him: CNN legal analyst
Ken Starr (CNN)

President Donald Trump's decision to tap former Whitewater special prosecutor Ken Starr for his impeachment defense team drew a sharp rebuke from former federal prosecutor Elie Honig on Friday.

"Whatever they do will be riddled by hypocrisy," Honig said of Trump's impeachment defense team during an appearance on CNN. "Ken Starr, the guy who spent years trying to throw a president out of office for lying about sex in a civil deposition, is now defending a president who has been impeached for trying to shake down a foreign country to interfere with an election. I don't know how you square that."

Honig then detailed all the ways that Starr used his office to thoroughly probe former President Bill Clinton ahead of his eventual impeachment -- and then noted that Starr would now be arguing against bringing new information to Trump's trial.

"Not only did they have the three witnesses at the Clinton trial, but in the lead-up to that, Ken Starr talked to Monia Lewinsky's ex-boyfriends," he said. "He talked to Kathleen Willey's dentist. He talked to White House window washers and painters. He created a new law to talk to the Secret Service... and now he's going to say that the American people shouldn't hear from primary witnesses like John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney?"

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