Twitter slammed for letting Trump threaten to commit war crimes: ‘He’s using your network to start a war’
Jack Dorsey (Twitter)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was harshly criticized for allowing President Donald Trump to threaten to commit war crimes in Iran.

Longtime political analyst Charles Johnson, the founder of the blog Little Green Footballs, blasted Dorsey after Trump threatened to attack 52 Iranian sites -- including cultural targets.

"What better place to make hyper-aggressive war threats than Twitter?" Johnson wrote.

"These are the kinds of tweets that Twitter really SHOULD DELETE. He’s using your network to start a war, @jack," he said, tagging the CEO's account.

"It isn’t the first time Trump has threatened Iran with war, but this is the MOST deranged and hysterical — and specific! — threat yet," he explained. "To be fair, I don’t see anything in the Twitter Rules about starting an international conflagration in the Middle East, so maybe they’re off the hook."

"This also is far from the first time Trump has threatened to commit war crimes — which is what targeting Iranian cultural sites would be," Johnson noted. "Trump is clearly excited by war crimes and war criminals — his often-stated goal of 'keeping the oil' in Iraq and other places would also be a war crime. And he pardons soldiers who commit war crimes. War crimes are his thing. He’s the war crime president."

Johnson's thread was noticed by prominent GOP attorney George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

He wrote Trump "is too dumb to know it's a war crime, but also too demented to care."

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