Veteran newsman Dan Rather nails Republicans for being anti-science while a global health crisis looms
Dan Rather (Photo: Screen capture)

Veteran newsman Dan Rather blasted Republicans for being anti-science when it will be science that ultimately saves millions of people from an impending global health crisis.

It was reported from China that the deaths from the Coronavirus would likely surpass SARS by the end of Thursday. In just a few weeks, the highly contagious, pneumonia-like illness has taken over China. The infection is so easily transmitted that it has since spread through travelers to the United States west coast and by Tuesday a case was reported in Indiana.

Rather pointed out that Republicans have been engaged in a non-stop war with science for years. But now, science will be the only thing that saves humanity.

"We've seen the president and his enablers peddle in lies and conspiracy theories," Rather wrote on Twitter Thursday. "They denigrate experts, data, and science. And then, as fears of the coronavirus loom, who's going to protect public health? Science experts using data in the face of lies and conspiracy theories."