Ben Carson explains how owning Mar-a-Lago proves Trump ‘is not a racist’
Ben Carson on Meet the Press - screenshot

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is offering a novel theory to deflect from criticism that President Donald Trump is racist.

"Housing Secretary Ben Carson appeared to stray from prepared remarks as he introduced Donald Trump on Friday, declaring that the president 'is not a racist' and pointing to how he treats the members and service workers at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida," Politico reported.

Advisor Jared Kushner is reportedly behind a "change in strategy" by the Trump campaign as they seek to downplay Trump's racist remarks and policies.

“You know, talking to the people who drive the cars and park the cars at Mar-a-Lago, they love him — the people who wash the dishes, because he's kind and compassionate,” Carson argued.

"When he bought Mar-a-Lago, he was the one who fought for Jews and blacks to be included in the clubs that were trying to exclude them. You know, people say he's a racist, he is not a racist," he claimed.